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I've always been an artist, but when I discovered 3D graphics/animation I devoted most of my available time in learning that medium. Promoting my 3D portfolio through my own custom developed websites, my design clients started becoming more interested in what I could produce for them on the web and introduced the next fork in my professional path. I would go on to learn databases, advanced programming, and API development - all competencies I now offer to my clients.

WhoWe Are

Proficient in development, design, marketing, and more, I'm always the one that begins the process with the client and depending on project scope, may take it all the way to the end. Working more quickly than even some teams, results are fast and cost-effective. For larger projects, I work with a select group of professionals of like mind and skill.

WhatWe Do

Through a crazy turn of events, I would pursue my love of art, then technology, animation, programming, databases, and then more art, picking each one up as passionately as the last, without leaving any behind. It makes for a sometimes chaotic life as I try to accommodate all my passions, but brings a distinct advantage to all my clients in the wide range of competencies I provide.


It all starts here. Whether it's creating a new brand, marketing campaign, motion graphics, or application, the end product will always fall short without thoughtful design.


With 25 years web design and development experience, Traversi Media can build everything from cutting edge responsive corporate sites to sophisticated custom web applications.


A strong background in design and business acumen has been a great asset to marketing efforts. We've been able to work hand-in-hand with clients to build strong, consistent messaging.


Twenty years experience in database design and development. Proficient in complex SQL queries and SSIS development running backend processes and mining for reporting and analytics.


From creating the brand for a startup to a reboot of an existing brand, we can design and produce all designs, standards and libraries to aid in our client's image creation.


Sometimes you don't know where to start. You have an idea, but not a clear idea how to achieve it. With our vast experience and resources, we guide client's in identifying a clear path.

Watch Our Demo Reel

Completed at the end of 2020, this represents projects modeled and rendered in Cinema 4D and edited in Premiere Pro. A new reel is in the works with updated projects/renders, as well as new content.

To view more animations, please visit our YouTube channel


We work with the full Adobe Creative Studio Suite (Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Premiere Pro) to deliver standard digital formats. Within the 3D realm, we produce either high resolution stills or lossless video. We can also produce traditional art - for examples please take a look at smtart.com

We can develop for either Linux or Windows server environments, preferring the PHP language to create custom solutions for our clients. We are also well-versed in .NET (C# or VB) and can also support/extend older classic ASP applications. In general, we feel frameworks (Laravel, Django, etc.) or publishing platforms (Wordpress) can ultimately slow down development while introducing security vulnerabilities, which is why we focus on custom applications that are made to our client's specifications.

Steve has designed branding and collateral campaigns for a number of companies, designing logo, brand and collateral design including business cards, letterheads, presentation templates, etc. We can deliver designs to digital and traditional four color printers alike

One would think so, but it depends on whether a whole team is devoted to a project or just one or two. In most cases, you're not getting the full complement of staff on your project. Most companies need to load their pipeline with as many projects as they can to cover payroll, overhead, etc. and then spread out their talent among the projects. So you hire a team, but you are usually only getting one, maybe two that will rotate based on the job at hand. In most cases, I can produce quality results much faster than larger companies.

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